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Very Good Drinks is all about the
culture and community of drinks!

We teach and preach culinary techniques & encourage creativity to empower others to use the ingredients they have with confidence

Our goal is to advocate for more thoughtful, sustainable practices in the beverage industry while celebrating the regional and cultural history of drinks. 

Join us in our traveling test kitchen as we explore all things drinks, all around the world.


We’re Demi & Jazz and together we make
Very Good Drinks!

We’re two craft bartenders who sold all of our belongings, packed up a carry-on suitcase each, and traveled across the world. But we couldn’t stay away from the cocktail shaker for long and now we are exploring our passions for culture, culinary arts, and of course Very Good Drinks.

Hi, I’m Demi!

I’m a passionate passionfruit promoter with a love for all things zesty.
When I’m not writing drink ideas onto random pieces of paper, you can find me scribbling other brilliant ideas onto other random pieces of paper.

Howdy, I’m Jazz!

I love anything with agave spirits and chilies. When I’m not makin’ and shakin’ drinks, I’ve been known to throw down in the kitchen.
The original cocktail creator of modern classics such as the “Broth it Like it’s Hot ft. Soup Dogg” (They said it couldn’t be done).

If you’re interested in working with Very Good Drinks you can shoot us a message at or visit our WORK WITH US page!