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Ultimate Guide to Making Super Juice

The dogma of “fresh is best” has been preached and held by the bar world since we left the dark ages of Rose’s Lime Juice and Slippery Nipples. In 2020, we began the dawn of a new era of “mixology” with the birth of SUPER JUICE.


“Super Juice” is a term referring to a technique of extracting and extending citrus juice. Super Juice is made by combining an oleo citrate solution with the fresh juice of the citrus.

The basic building blocks of fresh citrus juice are water—flavored with acids (citric & malic), essential oils, and sugar.

Super Juice uses science and technique to recreate fresh citrus juice FROM SCRATCH leveraging powdered acids along with the essential oils in the peel of the fruit that would otherwise be thrown away.

Simply put, it’s water—flavored with acids, essential oils, and sugar.


So now that we’ve grasped what Super Juice is, WHY do we care???

Super Juice is a modern technique for juice extraction that combines decades of hard work and experimentation from some of the industry’s greatest talents. It’s this culmination of ingenuity and creativity that brings us one of the most significant advances in citrus extraction in decades.

Super Juice reduces citrus waste and enhances flavor extraction. It also cuts costs by increasing fruit yield.

Not only that but it takes waste reduction a step further by increasing the shelf-life of juice!

Sounds pretty game-changing, yea? Well that’s because IT IS!!

“So, those are some pretty big claims, how is this all legit?”

Let’s go over some of the science and technique that makes all this possible—

First, we have a sad, sad fact: 50-60% of all citrus mass WORLDWIDE is converted to waste; including seeds, peels, and husks.

By utilizing the power of the peel, Super Juice extracts all the flavor typically left behind after traditional juice methods and allows us to flavor an acid solution to essentially create more juice from scratch.

The result is a punchier, more flavorful juice at a higher yield and a lower waste.

The second win for Super Juice is it’s incredible shelf life — while freshly pressed lime juice has a typical shelf life of 2-3 days; Super Lime Juice can last up to two weeks in the fridge! (Even longer if you freeze it)

The main factors that cause degradation in citrus juice are enzymatic browning, and oxidization; both of which are caused by increased levels of organic material (pulp) and succinic acid in fresh citrus juice.

The real genius behind this method is the use of the peel as both a flavoring agent, as well as an added antioxidant. (It also adds a bit of texture to the juice, isn’t this stuff just great?)

75% of all Ascorbic acid found in citrus, lives in it’s peel. Ascorbic acid (or Vitamin C as you may know it) is an important anti-oxidant for Super Juice and increases its shelf-life.

This in combination of the lower levels (omission) of succinic acid and pulp make for a juice that will last significantly longer without oxidizing and thus degrading in flavor.

What this all boils down to is a juice that saves money, saves citrus, saves time, and saves… the World?


I’ve spent over a year tweaking and perfecting my recipe and methods and this is (in my opinion) the best and easiest way to get the highest quality super juice.

Our recipe is inspired by, yet differs from, some of the other popularized recipes by incredibly talented bartenders Nickel Morris, Kevin Kos, Remy Savage, and Art of Drink.

Our preferred ratio breakdowns are as follows:

Peel to Water (oil to water)

We found a 10% peel:water ratio to be ideal. This ratio has the most pleasant level of essential oils to rival if not surpass the aromatics found in fresh citrus juice.

Water to Acid

We add 6% of the weight of the water in acids. We found this to have the right level of acidity to use as a 1:1 replacement for fresh citrus juice in classic recipes such as Daiquiris or Margaritas.

Acid to Acid

Each type of citrus has its own unique blend of acids. We used research from reputable sources to recreate the natural acid blends found in each of the common types of citrus for the most pleasant and natural-tasting Super Juice possible.

Refer to our Super Juice Calculator and sources cited pages for more info.


We add 1% of the weight of water in sugar. This is slightly less than the 2-3% (or higher) sugar content found in natural fresh pressed citrus juice. We found that that the addition of sugar serves to balance and “round off” the otherwise harsh tastes of the added acids.

NOTE: adding sugar does lessen the shelf life slightly at the expense of a better-tasting juice.


0.025% of the water weight is added as salt. This serves to boost the flavors and soften the juice even further for an absolutely perfect Super Juice.

Now that we’ve talked about what makes Super Juice such a game changer, let’s learn how to make it.


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Step 1: Wash and Peel your Citrus 🧼

Many commercially available citrus are coated in wax to increase its shelf life during transit. Be sure to fully scrub and clean your limes before peeling! ⚠️

When peeling your citrus, it’s important to leave behind as much of the white bitter pith as possible for the most fragrant and natural tasting results. Feel free to use a sharp knife to “filet” any excess pith from your peels before continuing to the next step.

Step 2: Weigh Peels and Calculate your Recipe 🧮

Weigh your peels and enter the weight and type of citrus into our SUPER JUICE CALCULATOR to calculate your customized recipe!

Step 3: Add your Acids, Salt, Sugar and Water 💦

Using your customized recipe, weigh and add the correct amounts of each of your ingredients into a pitcher or quart deli along with your peels.

Step 4: Blend and Emulsify 🌀

Blend on high for at least 60 seconds or until your are confident that all of the peels have been fully broken down, the oils have been emulsified into the mixture, and the powdered acids, sugar, and salt are fully dissolved.

Step 5: Strain and Juice 🧃

Using a nut milk bag or strainer lined with a dampened cheesecloth or paper towel, strain the mixture into a second air tight container or bottle for storage. Juice your peeled citrus as you normally would through the straining apparatus to remove excess pulp and add it to your mixture. Store your new Super Juice in the refrigerator for 10-14 days!

NOTE: You can also keep excess super juice frozen in your freezer indefinitely ready to be thawed and used!

That’s it! You’ve made Super Juice! Congratulations! Here is your Super Juice Merit Badge 🫴🎖️

Yield: ~1 Liter

Lime Super Juice

Lime Super Juice

This is the recipe for Super Lime Juice! This recipe yields just over I liter of Super Juice.

Prep Time 15 minutes


  • 100g Lime Peels, pith removed (6-10 limes)
  • 40g Citric Acid
  • 20g Malic Acid
  • 10g White Sugar
  • 2.5g Salt
  • 1000g Water


  1. Wash and peel your limes. When peeling your citrus, leave behind as much of the white bitter pith as possible.
  2. Weigh Peels and enter the weight of peels into our Super Juice Calculator to calculate the recipe.
  3. Add all ingredients to a container and blend. Blend on high for at least 60 seconds or until all of the peels have been fully broken down and the powders have dissolved.
  4. Using a nut milk bag or strainer lined with a dampened cheesecloth or paper towel, strain the mixture into a second air-tight container or bottle for storage.
  5. Juice peeled limes as you normally would through the straining apparatus to remove excess pulp and add it to your mixture.


Store your new Super Juice in the refrigerator for 10-14 days or in the freezer for even longer-lasting juice.

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