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Limoncello Spritz (with olive oil)

Sunshine in a glass! This mega refreshing spritz is oh so light, bright, and mouth wateringly delicious. Lemon and olive oil 5ever! Graza Limoncello Spritz: Ingredients: -1.5 oz Limoncello -¼ oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil   -¼ oz Simple Syrup  -¾ oz Lemon Juice -1 oz Sparkling Water -1 oz Sparkling Wine Instructions: 1. Add …

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¡TEPACHE! – The Ultimate Guide

What is Tepache? Tepache, pronounced ”TEH-PAH-CHE” is a fermented beverage from Mexico. This mix of pineapple, unrefined sugarcane, and spices has origins in pre-colombian Mexico. A Brief History of Tepache: The indigenous Nahua people were the first to make Tepache, making it a centuries old beverage. The Mayans considered Tepache a sacred drink, adding different …

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